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Thai Lottery Result Live with Full Chart for 16 June 2018


So, Finally the wait is over Check the latest, Today Confirmed Thai Lottery Result 16 June 2018 Live with Full Chart. Firstly on this website from its official lotto website. Also, we upload the full charts for our visitors and for better understanding. Congratulations for those who are in this time and best of luck for those who […]

Thailand Lottery King Touch Winning Tips for 16/06/2018


King tips are those tips which are Absolutely confirmed and lots of tested are already done on these digits. And After the experiments, we make this post about Thailand Lottery King Touch Winning Tips for 16/06/2018. Check, Follow, Read and Implement for more and more Success. Always do one thing, before analyzing our tips and Thai […]

Thai Lottery is a National lottery system controlled by Thailand Government. Thailand lottery result is drawn on 1st and 16th of every single month. Besides this Thai lottery magazine, magic tips, 3up cut digits, Thai Lottery 121 123 sure numbers, First second & Thai Lottery 4pc paper, GLO chart, Thai lottery Formula, winning numbers, winning tips Thai lotto chart, down single & cut digit etc. are published daily on our Website.

Thai Lottery is a legalized Lottery system in Thailand. It is very popular in Thailand as well as other popular countries of the world. People play
Thailand lottery around the world because many of the Thai People live in other countries for some reason that why Thai people plays Thai lottery from those countries as well.

Thai Lottery also knew as Thailand lottery and Thai Lottery VIP. There are approximately 16 to 19 Million of Thailand Population play Thai lotto and spend almost 70 to 76 billion Baht on it which is almost 2.2 Billion US Dollars (2014-15).

Thailand Lottery Tickets

As other Lotteries, Thai Lottery has lottery tickets. People buy lottery tickets and test their lucks. There are 2 types of Thai Lotto tickets, the names are:
• TGL – Thai Government Lottery Ticket.
• TCL – Thai Charity Lottery Ticket.

The titles of these lottery types are mentioned on the upper left side of each ticket. The difference between these two types of Thai lottery tickets is the payout and the tax amount and of course their titles. The winning prize of TGL ticket is almost three million Baht (Thai Currency) and the bonus prize is almost 30 million baht with the tax percent of 0.5%.

On the other hand, Thai Charity Lottery Tickets have a winning prize of Three million baht (Thai Currency) and the bonus prize is almost twenty-two million with the tax percent of 1%.
*Bonus Prize Excluded by Military Gov. after 1st August 2015

Buying Procedure of Thailand Lottery Ticket

Thai Lottery tickets have first arrived at wholesalers, and then wholesalers sell them to retailers. Lottery tickets are available from local retailers, which can easily found in local markets, local streets, villages etc. Thailand lottery VIP tickets come in pairs. The Single Thai lottery cost is almost 40 Baht (Thai Currency) but when you buy the lottery ticket in pairs the price will be 80 baht.

However, in Real, the street and local retailers ask the price of 120 to 140 baht for a Thai lottery Sixline pair. Therefore, outside the shops, it stands the common price is 90-100 baht. Unpopular, unlucky and low-level numbers are sold on low price as compared to popular, lucky and VIP master numbers, the price of unpopular numbers are almost 85 to 90 baht. Besides, lucky and popular Buddhist numbers and combinations have the high price.

Thai Lottery Winning Prizes

As you know, Thai lottery result is drawn on 1st and 16th of every single month at their specific timing and upload on our website. So, now we discuss the winning prizes of Thai Lotto 3up. The First winning prize of Thai lottery King is Two Million Baht (Thai Currency) for the Lottery type and For TCL the winning prize is Three million Baht per ticket.

As you know, Thai Lottery tickets are sold in the form of pairs. Therefore, the published prize of winning the prize is also double. 2x prizes are applied on all Published prizes except the bonus prizes of twenty-two and thirty million.
*Bonus Prize Excluded by Military Gov. after 1st August 2015

 Winning Prize 
Payout (Baht)
 Details or Notes 
1st TCL - Thai Charity Lottery & TGL - Thai Government Lottery
2,000,000 x 2 or 3,000,000 x 2
Six Digits Match in 1st Draw Prize. TGL Payout is Two Million & Three Million for TCL
100,000 x 2
Six Digits Match in 2nd Draw Prize
40,000 x 2
Six Digits Match in 3rd Draw Prize
20,000 x 2
Six Digits Match in 4th Draw Prize
10,000 x 2
Six Digits Match in 5th Draw Prize
(±1) - Special Prize
50,000 x 2
Six Digits Match in 1st Draw Prize or One Minus
Three Digits Match
2,000 x 2
Three Digits Match Draw Prize
Two Digits Match
1,000 x 2
Two Digits Match Draw Prize
TGL - 1st Prize Bonus
Six Digits Match Draw for 1st Prize & Unit Match Number Draw
TCL - 1st Prize Bonus
Six Digits Match Draw for 1st Prize & Unit Match Number Draw

*Bonus Prize Excluded by Military Gov. after 1st August 2015.

How to Win Thailand Lottery

Thai lottery is a luck game as well as the mind game. We are here for you to tell you the best lucky lottery numbers, Thai Lottery paper, and tips that will increase the chances of win Thai Lotto. Our Astrologists and lottery experts normally guess the best lottery sure digit number for Thai lottery results.

Our expert update Thai lottery tips, results, Thai lotto formula, 121 pairs, Thai Lottery 123 Cut Digits, Thai Lottery ok, Sixline master tips Thai lottery 3up, 1st, 2nd, last and 4pc paper, down digit Thai Lottery sure number, magazine, master & magic win tips and much more. Due to all this stuff, you will easily guess the lucky number and win the Lottery, & change your life.

Claiming a Winning Prize of Thailand Lottery Guide

Once you win the lottery prize by following our Thai lotto tips, you have to claim your prize within two years of the draw date. There is certain commission is deducted from your winning amount, it is almost 1 or 2 percent.

The retailer of Lottery Sambad ticket pays less than 20,000 baht winning the prize in cash. For higher winning prizes, you will go to the Thailand Government Office with winning the ticket, where the winning prize cheque will issue. On this winning prize Thai Government, deduct tax of 0.50 percent on TGL – Thai Government Lottery and 1 percent on TCL – Thai Charity lottery.

Where to get Thai Lottery Result

Thai lottery results along with lottery tips, magazine, sure numbers etc are upload daily on our website. However, the Thailand lottery results are on-air on their specific date and timing. You will see results as well as download results from our website. You can also download the Thai Lottery Bangladesh Tips here.

This website is specially designed for our Visitors, Due to our simple and easy design of website visitors easily access Thai Lotto results also access the Thai lottery facebook tips, win formula, sure numbers, chart, first and second paper etc.

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